Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting is a focus on the relationship between parent and child with the intention of helping children reach their full potential. Attachment-focused parents value closeness with their children, beginning with physical closeness in infancy, continuing through the development of deeper connection in childhood, and extending throughout a lifelong relationship characterized by empathy and trust.

The objective of Attachment Parenting is fostering the development of a child’s full human potential as an independent individual with healthy, secure relationships.

While parenting with attachment in mind may lead a parent of an infant to choose practices that keep baby close, Attachment Parenting is not about methods like babywearing, bedsharing, and breastfeeding. The “Baby B’s” described by Dr Sears are ways of establishing a bond in infancy, but they are not the only ways. And more importantly, baby bonding is only the beginning.

From infancy onward, the key to a child’s optimal development lies a secure attachment to a to a caring, competent, and confident adult who can see and meet the child’s needs, and protect her tender heart.